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Document Shredding

Protect your home or business from identity theft and fraud with professional document destruction. Not all document destruction companies are created equal, with more people working from home these days, it is even more critical that residential document shredding is a part of your plan. You’ve always had personal files like tax documents, insurance information, bills, and health records in your home. Professional document shredding provider with security systems in place provide paper and document destruction on your behalf, at either your location or their premises. Our facilities can shred paper, cardstock, cardboard, plastic, media, and other materials. From one box to hundreds of pounds of paper, ACRS Waste Solutions is here to help secure the disposal of all your records.

Paper shredding is used across all industries for secure record management. Some of the largest clients of this service are those that work with paper documents or records which contain confidential client or patient information like home addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other sensitive personal or private information. These include companies in the insurance, dental, medical, and legal fields.

However, document destruction isn't just for big businesses; individual households can have documents destroyed on a one-time or recurring basis to maintain privacy and prevent identity theft. Some individuals just do it once a year after tax season. If you have a large volume of personal papers that need safe destruction, hire a company to provide a secure container for your location and safely dispose of the contents once a month or more. If you're interested in protecting privacy with shredding services, here are the cost factors.

One-time service

A one-time service — known as a purge in the industry — can safely clean out those boxes of old files, tax documents and other confidential documents you've been unsure of what to do with.