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Medical Waste Containers

Made of high-density polyethylene, these containers are leak-proof, tamper-proof, spill-proof, and reusable. They meet all D.O.T. guidelines for collecting and transporting medical waste. In a hospital or examining room, they are easy to move, odorless, and aesthetically pleasing. Ideal for hospitals, doctors' offices, clinics, labs, nursing homes, funeral homes, and veterinarian offices!

Medical & Biohazard Waste Container

8-10 Gallon Container
18 Gallon Container
28 Gallon Container
38 Gallon Container
30 Gallon Corrugated Box
65 Gallon Container
96 Gallon Container
200 Gallon Container

Sharp Containers

1 Qt. Container
2 Qt. Container
1 Gallon Container
2 Gallon Container
Larger sizes also available upon request

• Leak and Puncture Resistant

• OSHA and D.O.T. Required Text

• 2-Sided Handles for Manual Handling

• Fire Resistant: U.L. 94HB Material High-Density Polyethylene

Red Biohazard Bags

14 x 19 (fits up to a 3 - gallon container)
23 x 23 (fits up to a 8 - gallon container)
24 x 23 (fits up to a 8 - gallon container)
33 x 39 (fits up to a 17 - gallon container)
40 x 46 (fits up to a 30 - gallon container)
54 x 64 (fits up to a 96 - gallon container)

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